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Are you exhausted from trying ALL THE THINGS and still facing the same struggles?

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Hi, I'm Amber!

Parent Coach and Trauma-Informed Trainer/Consultant

I empower parents to shift behavioral dynamics in their homes and feel great about their parenting using a synthesis of science and research from the fields of neuroscience, behavior, trauma, human development, and more.

If you want change, it can be yours!

I began learning how children succeed reading a book of the same title while developing a school for abused and abandoned children in Beirut, Lebanon who had significant trauma histories and had never before been to school.

From the days of working with dozens of different kids, to today as we continue to parent our teenage son from a similar background, I’ve studied widely and experienced a remarkable range of dynamics and behaviors. You might be interested to hear that I’ve yet to encounter a situation I haven’t been able to help shift when parents are willing to learn new things and try new practices.

If you want change, it can be yours!

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